Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar

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11:20 a.m.–12:05 p.m.

SWIG - API Testing Simplified


This paper is about explaining how automation engineers with various high level language experiences can leverage SWIG to automate their API test which will generally take time if done in native language. Short ramp time, quick to use and easy to build are some of the important things anyone would want to leaverage Swing capabilities.


Proposal Abstract:

API testing is yet another important face of software testing. For any project success it is important to have its interfaces tested thoroughly and ensures the stability of the project. In our project we have APIs mainly written in c/c++. With the current skill set in our team, it was not an easy job to train them for writing APIs test using c/c++. So we were continuously looking for the alternatives. The major goals for our research were quick ramp up, high level language support preferably python, effective API automated testing. We found Swig an effective tool to open an interface such that API tests could be written fast, effectively and validation became easier. Swig supports conversion in many languages. Testers can now leverage to write tests in any high level language like Python, java , c#

Intended Audience & Prerequisites: Engineers who are interested to see how SWIG could be used by test automation engineers to automate APIs in python. There are no pre-requisites as such for the audience.

Presentation outline: • Project background • SWIG background • About Swig • Why Swig • Using Swig • Demo • References • Q&A

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