Join us on June 18-20

The Countdown is On

It's happening again! Get ready for one day of exciting tutorials and two days of conference talks!




Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Kenneth Reitz

Kenneth Reitz is the product owner of Python at Heroku and a member of the Python Software Foundation. He embraces minimalism, elegant architecture, and simple interfaces. Kenneth focuses on software development, photography, and music production. He is well known for his many open source software projects, specifically Requests: HTTP for Humans.

David Cramer

David is the founder of Sentry and works in engineering at Dropbox. Previously he ran infrastructure at Disqus, which at the time was one of the highest trafficked Django applications. He's an active member of the open source community, passionate about scale, simplicity, and usability.

If you would like to give a talk or tutorial or if you are interested in attending the conference, please create a user account. We still need to polish some parts of the site, but as soon as our early bird sales open up, we will inform you via email.

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