PyCon SG 2014 Slides and Pictures

June 21, 2014, midnight

All good things come to an end and so did PyCon Singapore 2014.

We would like to thank all our speakers who volunteered to give tutorials and talks. Without you, this conference would not have been possible!

Conference Pictures

Pictures of the conference can be found here:

If you would like to download them all, we will keep them available for a limited time here:

Talk Slides

Below is a list with links to the slides of the various talks (in no specific order). This list is not complete yet, as we have not gotten the slides from all speakers. Please just visit this post at a later time, we will update the list as the speakers provide us with more links :


David Cramer: Open Source as a Business

Day 1 talks

Pradeep Kumar: SWIG - C++ Code Testing Simplified

Hari Allamraju: Building a journey planner in an evening with Python, scrapy, networkx

Terry Yin: No Reuse Before Use

Mosky Liu: Graph-Tool: The Efficient Network Analyzing Tool for Python

Victor Neo: Django - the next steps

Day 2 talks

Hari Allamraju: Which Messaging Layer to Use in a Loosely Coupled Distributed App

Mark Rees: Seeing with Python and the accompanying iPython Notebook for his talk

Tao Zhu: Non Blocking Python

Melvin Foo: Rautomation Pi

Lightning talks

Masato Nakamura: Nightly Pyston and Performance

Cheryl Ng: PyLadies SG


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