Terry Yin

Terry Yin

Audience level:
11:20 a.m.–12:05 p.m.

No Reuse Before Use


Don't reuse, or don't reuse yet. You don't design for reusability, reusability is a side effect.


The metaphor of software reuse has misled the industry. We believed reuse can help us reduce cost and produce better software. And we spent a lot of time and money to make our software reusable and to reuse it. Sadly, it’s an industry proven to be nothing more than unfulfilled promises. Come to our talk to check out why you should not reuse before use, and our suggestions.

The topic is from the perspective of different roles, including non-software people, programmers, architects, managers, customers and even urban designers. The messages from this talk:

  • Stop designing reusability upfront, focus on working software that has customer value.
  • Stop worrying about software reuse, adopt good design principles like Once-and-only-once.
  • Stop speculative generality, start from one simple and specific real customer need.
  • Stop project thinking, treat your software as product that serves different needs and faces different opportunities over time.

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