Melvin Foo

Melvin Foo

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1:10 p.m.–1:55 p.m.

Rautomation Pi


The raspberry pi is a great platform to automate things, but is severely limited by the number of digital pins it has, only 17 to be exact. We will be learning how to change that…. finally we will be using google app engine to host the data collected.


1)Brief back ground of raspberry pi and myself (2 min) 2)Learn basics of GPIO library (2 min) 3) How serial in parallel out shift registers work ( 4 min) 4) How parrallel in serial out shift registers work ( 2 min) 5) Actually writing the code to control the shift registers ( 5 min) 6) setting up a google app engine app (8 min) 7) Using the requests libary to post the data gathered to the recently created webapp ( 2 min)

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