Our Speakers

We would like to express our gratitude towards all speakers who have replied to our CFP and volunteered to share their knowledge and Python experience with the local community!

Those of you who could not be selected this year, we hope to see you as attendees and encourage you to submit again next year. All proposals that have been submitted were really good! The local Python community is growing fast.

You can now browse our conference schedule here.

Even better, you can download a little app for iOS and Android, the schedule looks even better on the app:

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Machine Learning Model Development and Operation in DBS
by Max Wang, Data Scientist at DBS
Converting a Static Map image to an Interactive Floorplan
by Chinab and Fahmi Fauzi, Co-Founder & CTO at Jublia
Faster Python apps with open source APM
by Aravind Putrevu, Developer Advocate at Elastic
by Phil Nash, Developer Evangelist at Twilio
Building an interactive training environment using JupyterHub
by Graham Dumpleton, Developer Advocate for OpenShift at Red Hat
Building an analytics data pipeline using Airflow and PySpark
by Yohei Onishi, Data Engineer
Automate the boring stuff with Slackbot
by Takanori Suzuki, Vice Chair of PyCon JP Committee, Director at BeProud Inc.
Transfer Learning in Natural Language Processing (NLP)
by Liling Tan, Research Scientist
Demystifying Time Series Forecasting using Python
by Vaibhav Srivastav, Data Scientist at Deloitte Consulting LLP
Koalas: Pandas API on Apache Spark
by Ben Sadeghi, Solutions Architect at Databricks
The curious case of slow/fast grequests code
by Saurabh Hirani, Principal Devops Engineer at Autodesk
Stream processing fundamentals with Apache Beam
by Tanay Tummalapalli, Student
Demystifying RPA with Python and tagUI
by Thu Ya Kyaw, Machine Learning Engineer at NTUC Enterprise
When uncertainty matters: Stochastic programming for inventory models with Python
by Novia L Wirhaspati, Data Scientist
Value investing using Python and Pandas
by Christianto, Engineer at Solacetech
Python on AWS Lambda
by Keith Rozario, IT Architect
Scaling product support with Python at WhatsApp
by Mengi Yuan, Solutions Engineer at Facebook
When life gives you Orange, make data speak volumes!
by Drishti Jain, Computer Engineer and President of Samyak Drishti Foundation
Digital process automation (RPA) using TagUI for Python
by Ken Soh, RPA Specialist at Tebel.Automation
How to train a wacky language model
by Jonathan Heng, Software Developer at Thoughtworks
Graylog : Centralized logging of Application Logs
by Pratibha Jagnere, Senior Python Developer
How to build stream data pipeline with Apache Kafka and Spark Structured Streaming
by Takanori Aoki, Data Scientist

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PyCon Singapore is a conference about the programming language Python. It is a community effort driven by the members of the Python User Group Singapore.

When & Where

October 10 - October 12 2019

Republic Polytechnic, Woodlands