Workshops at PyCon APAC 2018

In the past years, PyCon APAC and PyCon Singapore have always been two-day events with one day of workshops that could be booked at additional cost. This year, we would like to try something new and actually turn PyCon APAC 2018 into a three-day event.

tl;dr: We need workshop conductors for day one, please submit your workshop idea via email to ;-)

How it works

This year, there will be no strict schedule on the first day of the conference. Instead, after the opening keynote, you are encouraged to walk around the venue and join tables that host topics that you are interested in.

We are aiming to host 10-15 tables that will be spread out throughout the venue. Each table will be hosted by someone from the local Python community who is an expert in a certain topic. As an attendee, you may join any table at any time and you will find simple instructions that will allow you to embark on a 20-30 minutes journey of learning and get your feet wet by trying out a new Python library. If you get stuck while following the instructions, the table-host will be there to help you out.

We will list all topics here prior to the conference, so you will know in advance which topics will be covered and each topic will list prerequisites, if any, so that you have a chance to prepare your laptop in advance.

The Python community has always been a very welcoming and friendly community and with this initiative, we hope to give all of our attendees, especially young ones, first-timers, non-coders and everyone else a good glimpse of the many many things that can be achieved with the Python programming language, in an accessible and engaging way.

We need your help

As you can imagine, curating 10-15 good mini-tutorials is no easy task. We need your help to make this happen! If you have good knowledge about any popular Python library and if you would like to host one of our tables during day one, please send us an email to and describe how your workshop would be structured.

What makes a good workshop? You need to design your workshop in such a way so that people can follow your instructions at their own pace, because people will join and leave your table at random times, so you will not be able to give spoken instructions to a set audience. Ideally, you would create a github repository with a and let people follow the instructions in that and ask questions whenever questions arise. You should test-run your own workshop and make sure that an attendee can finish the entire workshop in 20-45 minutes.

Some people might not know anything about your library, so you should have a little demo at hand that shows what can be done with your library and also what people will create when they follow your workshop. Finally, you need to feel comfortable to debug issues on people's machines, as this would be your main task during the day.

If you feel extra confident, you could also create a second for users that are already more advanced, but this would be the icing on the cake ;)

Confirmed Workshops

Confirmed workshops are now listed on our schedule page.

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PyCon APAC is a conference about the programming language Python. It is a community effort driven by the members of the Python User Group Singapore.

When & Where

May 31st - June 2nd 2018

National University of Singapore Computing 1 (COM1) / Level 2
13 Computing Drive Singapore 117417