Slides for PyCon APAC 2018

June 13, 2018

We are happy to share (most of) the slides for the talks and workshops at PyCon APAC 2018. The videos are still in post-production, we will announce the release of those separately.

Once again, a big thank you goes out to all our speakers!


Alan Descoins
Introduction to object detection

Katharine Jarmul
Tell me your secrets - Privacy in machine learning systems

Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch
Building the AI machine - Standardized deployment of AI-based trading strategies


Abhishek Pandey
How to run your ICO

Alizishaan Khatri
Detecting offensive messages using deep learning

David Tan
Deploying ML models to production (frequently and safely)

Denis Makogon
Applying serverless architecture pattern to distributed data processing

Ernst Haagsman
Dockerizing Django

Galuh Sahid
Building a data-driven web app that everyone can use

Graham Dumpleton
Implementing a decorator for thread synchronisation

James Ing Wei Tang
Taming system with Python - A sysadmin perspective

Lee Wei Xuan
Analysing Jobs with Python

Lory Nunez
Teaching computers ABC

Loveme Felicilda
GloVe-Python for word representation

Manabu Terada
Introduce syntax and history of Python from 2.4 to 3.6

Markku Lepisto
Apache Beam with Python streaming

Mohammed A Imran
Devil is in the details - Microservices, security and DevOps

Narendran R
Concurrency vs parallelism

Novia Listiyani Wirhaspati
Implementing reinforcement learning for marketing channel optimization with Python

Kenneth Odoh
Tracking the tracker - Time series analysis in python from first principles

Ramanathan Ramakrishnamoorthy
Practical Python design patterns

Sarthak Deshwal
How to understand user behavior using multiple linear regression

Sony Valdez
Game programming with Python

Sowmya Krishnan
Data ingestion using Apache Airflow

Terry Yin
Test-driven development of a static code analyzer in Python

Tsung-Hsien Lee
Elements of programming interviews in Python

Vigneshwer Dhinakaran
Pumping Python modules using Rust

Wilson Tjhi
Writing robust and maintainable concurrent program


Shang Liang
IoT with Micropython and ESP8266

Hilda Ng Li Fang
Getting Started With Test Driven Development in Python

Siow Yi Sheng
Introduction to Pipenv

Joongi Kim
Making a modern Python package

Zac Hatfield-Dodds
Property-based testing and other insecticides

Liling Tan, Jia Ying Jen & Basil Han King Kwang
Introduction to Deep Learning and NLTK, Transform, Transfer and Predict

Paul Lorett Amazona
Introduction to JupyterLab

Max Ong Building Alexa Skills with Python and Flask

Liuyang Wan
Production-ready Django project with cookiecutter

Mario Behling
FOSSASIA PSLab - Pocket Science Lab

Poh PengYu
Introduction to Pandas

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PyCon APAC is a conference about the programming language Python. It is a community effort driven by the members of the Python User Group Singapore.

When & Where

May 31st - June 2nd 2018

National University of Singapore Computing 1 (COM1) / Level 2
13 Computing Drive Singapore 117417