Pawan Darda

Audience level:
2:15 p.m.–3 p.m.

A tale of Ansible fanboy


Have you thought how tech firms accomplish Infrastructure management at Scale (10's to 1000's of instances). Ansible is one of the answers out there and this talk will show you how you can do that easily and effectively.


I intended to cover these topics through this talk and also introduce Ansible to the Python Singapore group. This is talk is intended to anyone who is interested in AWS infrastructure management and deploying any stuff in cloud for you.

Problem Managing 10's to 1000's of AWS instances in multi VPC and multi Region environment

Solutions Out there What is currently available out here to solve the said problem

Why Ansible Basic comparison and how Ansible is different

Small Example Ansible Deployment with a Flask Micro-service

Features What does Ansible accomplish for you and how you can contribute/extend


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