Silver Sponsor: The Artling

May 6, 2016, midnight

Many startups in Singapore are building their products on Python, and so does The Artling. We are happy to announce that they have joined our list of sliver sponsors:

At The Artling, we are passionate about art and feel that there is a great deal of undiscovered talent in Asia. We work with some of the top galleries and artists in the region and feature their work online in order to make their work accessible to the international market. We are in essence an online art gallery that features a curated collection of artworks, by a select group of emerging artists alongside artists who are much more established and exposed in the market. 

The Artling is a proud supporter of the Python community and has been using Python since inception. We will continue to do so as we grow and aim to disrupt the art discovery and acquisition process, whilst also contributing to the cultural landscape in Asia and beyond.

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