Hari Allamraju

Hari Allamraju

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2:40 p.m.–3:25 p.m.

Building a custom wrapper kernel for IPython


Have you ever used IPython and wondered how it worked? And if you can build your own kernel to use with the great IPython tools like notebook? This talk will walk you through how you can do that with an example kernel built by me.


IPython is a great Python programming tool. The IPython architecture consists of a kernel and a set of front ends that communicate with the kernel using zmq. This means that we can build a kernel process that communicates on zmq as per the message spec and then connect it to the IPython front ends.

IPython 3 allows us to leverage the kernel mechanism and build a wrapper kernel. This talk will go over how you can build such a kernel by taking the example of a redis kernel which implements most of the logic needed for the wrapper kernel.

The talk will be based on the code from this project of mine - https://github.com/supercoderz/redis_kernel

The basic outline will be a follows -

  • Overview of IPython messaging spec
  • Overview of kernel ports = Overview of wrapper kernel approach
  • Code walkthrough and demo of redis kernel
  • Miscellaneous items like kernel testing etc

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