Learning Python

Michelle Sun

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In this talk I'd like to share my journey on learning to code. From tutorials, to reading books, to bootcamps and attending and winning hackathons, this talk aims to share the pros and cons of different resources and approaches for a beginner to become a professional developer. Also I'd like to share some misconceptions about coding and challenges (and opportunities) of being a female developer.


My journey with coding started from the need to work closely with programmers when building my own startup. I started with front end, then quickly moved to backend out of curiosity. Even though most developer friends suggested that I learn to code myself, I made few progress in using tutorials and reading books. I found that hands-on learning environment helped me fully immerse with the learning experience and eventually jumpstarted a whole new career in engineering. Here I hope to share some tips that worked for my journey of learning to code.

Being a female programmer, I would also like to use this talk as an opportunity to encourage more females to go for this rewarding career.