Thursday 2 p.m.–6 p.m.

Data Analysis with pandas

Wes McKinney

Audience level:
Smart Lecture Theatre L5-W2


This will be a hands-on introduction to basic data manipulation, preparation, and simple analysis tasks with the pandas ( Attendees should come equipped with a functional IPython notebook setup with pandas 0.10.1 (or higher, 0.11 preferred) installed. This setup can be obtained out of the box with the free Anaconda Python distribution.


Topics covered in the tutorial:

  • Ascii file loading and pandas basics
  • Indexing and selection
  • Cleaning, filtering, basic wrangling
  • Groupby and reshape operations
  • Basic time series manipulations
  • Basic visualization with matplotlib

We will explore these topics using a few data sets of interest to be downloaded by the attendees at the beginning of the tutorial.