Friday 3:30 p.m.–4 p.m.

Python for Blackbox Testers

Sajnikanth Suriyanarayanan

Audience level:
Lecture Room E2


This is my experience as a non-technical, black box test engineer in a software development team. I try to explore answers to questions like: What are my strengths? Were my strengths becoming my weaknesses? Writing "code" is for developers; How can I? Yeah, but why python? * Was it worth the effort?

I conclude with an introduction to Holmium


I am a Coastal Geoscientist and Civil Engineer who became a Software Quality Assurance Evangelist. This presentation attempts to share my experience so far and explain why Quality Assurance is everyone's responsibility.

The talk would begin with a few minutes explaining my strengths and contributions in my earlier development teams. I would go on to explain how I was becoming a bottle neck and start identifying focus areas. This gives me an opportunity to address my old "fear of code" and how defensive I got. I'd also talk why I chose python or rather why python chose me and also the people / concepts that influenced me.

With the background set up, I shall present the automation test suite developed at mig33; how it started and how it is today. This would lead to an introduction to maintainability and pageobjects. The talk would conclude with an introduction to Holmium Core, a plugin to simplify writing pageobjects for webpages using selenium.