Friday 11:15 a.m.–11:45 a.m.

create_awesome_api(time_limit='1 week')

Nishad Musthafa

Audience level:
Lecture Room E2


This is a small narrative from our beginnings at Plivo. We are a python company at the core. We received a customer request from a big client and we had about a week to deliver. This is the story of how we succeeded and how it would not have been possible without python.


The uphill task:

  • We had a system that ran our telephony logic using freeswitch and our python powered ESL wrapper to control telephone calls and SMS.
  • We had another System to take run the business related logic tied into the database.
  • The task was to create a uniform API that treats the above two systems as a single system and abstract the division from our end customer.


  • We had a customer who had given us a hard deadline of one week.
  • The customer was to bring in loads of hundreds of telephone calls in a second. So scaled was very important.

Python shows the way:

I'll explain: 1. How we use a hybrid architecture with a flask based gateway proxy to abstract the multiple systems. 2. How we used tasty pie to speed up the process of api creation. 3. How we used modules like Johnny cache to optimise query performance.