Bagus Aji Santoso

Bagus Aji Santoso

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Make an Educational Game with pygame


Kids like playing games. But not all games out there are good for them. It's hard to find a games that both entertaining and educational. If it's hard to find one, so why don't we start creating that games ourselves?


  • Introduction (3 min) First, I will introduce myself, my name, where do I come from, etc.
  • Games and Educational Games (5 min) Second, I will talk about games and educational games.
  • Introduction to pygame (5 min) Third, I will talk about pygame. What's pygame, who create pygame, who use pygame, why we used pygame and other library.
  • Installing pygame (2 min) Fourth, I will talk about how to install pygame in our computer.
  • First pygame game (3 min) Fifth, I will talk about how to start using pygame by creating our first game with it
  • The elements of educational games (4 min) Next, I will talk about the elements of educational games. What makes a game an educational games.
  • MyGame (3 min) In this section I'll share educational that I made.
  • References and closing (1 min)

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