Gabe Hollombe

Gabe Hollombe

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4:20 p.m.–5:05 p.m.

Improve your testing with Pytest and Mock


Testing code with Pytest is an absolute pleasure. Less boilerplate makes your test more concise and its fixtures system helps you share setup code while still keeping your tests clear and understandable. I'll tell you all about how to get basic unit testing done, and I'll show you how to use Voidspace's Mock library to test collaborations between your objects, too.


Improve Your Testing with Pytest and Mock

  • Why Pytest?
  • Installation
  • Our First Test
  • Testing Exceptions
  • Context-Sensitive Comparisons
  • Classic xUnit Setup / Teardown
  • Pytest Fixtures
  • Verifying Calls with Mock
  • Stubbing Return Values
  • Monkeypatching
  • Pytest Plugins
  • Time For Questions

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