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Mosky Liu

Mosky Liu

I am a Python developer at Pinkoi 1, an author of Python packages, a Python instructor, and an Open Source lover.

Since I met Python in 2009, it is too hard to forget the simplicity and elegance of Python, so I've been writing Python for 5 years. I am interested in using Python in web, system administration, and data-related topics. I developed some Python packages, such as MoSQL 2, Clime 3, ZIPCodeTW 4. You can find them on GitHub 5 or PyPI 6. In the same time, I’ve taught Python for 100+ hours, mostly at OSSF’s 7 events.

It is my personal website: http://mosky.tw/ .


Graph-Tool: The Efficient Network Analyzing Tool for Python

Thursday 2:10 p.m.–2:55 p.m. in

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