Haris Ibrahim K V

Haris Ibrahim K V

Audience level:
1:10 p.m.–1:55 p.m.

Redis - What, why & where.


This talk aims to provide an introduction to Redis, why it is something that you should add to your stack, the various data types that it offers, use cases for all of them and will touch upon briefly how things are stored internally.

This is intended for a beginner level audience.


Redis is ubiquitous in the current industry. The joy of using a fast and reliable NoSQL database is inexplicable once you have already gone through that phase of carefully designing all your tables while using a SQL database.

We will kick off explaining, with use cases, the two reasons why you should use Redis. Or rather, you would want to use Redis. We will talk about each data structure that it provides and will explain their uses using real world use cases.

The part will cover using dictionaries, sorted sets, lists and strings for use cses like caching, leaderboard and rate monitoring. Whatever you need to get started on Redis and to start playing around with it.

The "how" part will be kept intentionally to a minimum. Which means I am not going to read through the available commands.

It will be structured around Redis as the core since simply mentioning how to use the Python library apis to interact with it is not going to impart much. You can always look that up. However, it is used heavily in web applications and hence, Django and Python will be the salad.

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