Lucas Ngoo

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Snap, List, Sell. Create free listings to sell items in 30 seconds. Carousell is making secondhand buying and selling simple, inspiring, and serendipitous for everyone.

Carousell also makes it simple to shop for secondhand items anywhere, anytime. The app places an emphasis on beautiful photos, and is location-aware to make secondhand shopping serendipitous.


We use Python/Django for our whole backend stack to power our iOS and Android apps. We are running Django/uWSGI/Postgresql/Nginx on EC2. Here are a list of Python/Django stuff we're using:

  1. Django Rest Framework to serve all API requests
  2. GeoDjango and Postgis to create a great buying and selling experience within local communities
  3. Logging application usage stats for analytics and internal dashboard
  4. Schedule tasks with Celery to automate daily processes
  5. Communicate with all external APIs, e.g. Facebook, Urban Airship, Sendgrid, S3, etc.

Oh and btw, We also love Python a lot!